Art and photography have been a great influence in my life. I was born in Margarita Island, Venezuela. When I was child I used to visit a very beautiful art museum in my neighborhood. It was very pleasing to be there, very quiet and calm atmosphere. I was fascinated with the varieties of sculptures and paintings. Used to love seeing a video about the birth of the State of New York. I still remembered my first drawings, they were the typical stick houses with the stick families right beside it. Around when I was six I challenged myself to become a better artist and grew in skills and techniques by the age of eleven.

When I was nine my parents decided to migrate to the United States in late 80's. I had the privileged to grow up in New York City. I was now walking in the greatest city of the world as I learned it as a child in my local museum. One of my biggest inspiration to grow interest in architecture was the former W.T.C. Towers, when my parents took my brothers, sister and I to a tour in early 90's.

During my high school years, my favorite class was drafting engineering. It gave me the discipline to be neat and detail oriented with my work. Later, I discovered the revolution of computer aided design (CAD). Architecture and drafting became my new love and passion. Today by the grace of God, I have a BS degree in Architecture Engineering.

Right in my college years I discovered the art's of photography. I have not stopped learning with passion since then. Art, architecture and photography are part of my everyday life and I hope to inspire others with it. I have been very blessed to reach some of my goals in life and continue to believe there are greater things to come ahead that I may share with others.

Thank you for visiting,

Anselm Molina