I was born in Margarita Island, Venezuela. When I was young, I used to visit a very beautiful art's museum in my local neighborhood. It was very pleasing to be there. It was a very quiet and calm atmosphere. I was fascinated with the varieties of sculptures and paintings. There was a video room where I used to love seeing a documentary about the birth of the State of New York. Everything about this museum was very amusing to me. By then I realized I had a special love for art and architecture. I still remembered my first drawings. The typical stick houses with the stick families right beside it. When I was around six years old, I challenged myself to become a better artist and grew in skills and techniques by the age of eleven.

When I was nine, my parents decided to migrate to the United States in late 80's. I had the privileged to grow up in New York City. I was now walking in the greatest city of the world as I seen it as a child in my then local museum. The former W.T.C. Towers became one of my early inspirations to admire architecture and building's structures. My parents took my brothers and I to a tour in it in the early 90's. It was an unforgettable experience.

During my high school years, my favorite class was drafting engineering. I've learned the discipline to be neat and detail oriented with my work. Later in my senior year, I discovered the revolution of computer aided design (CAD). Architecture and drafting became my new love and passion. Today by the grace of God, I have a BS degree in Architecture Engineering.

During my college years I discovered the art's of photography. I have not stopped learning with passion since then. Art, architecture and photography are part of my everyday life and I hope to inspire others with it. I have been very blessed to reach some of my goals in life. I believe there are greater things to accomplish and greater moments and memories to share with others.

Thank you for visiting,

Anselm Molina